About us

Overview of our company.

It is a privately character, whose guidance has over 20 years of proven experience in national and international tourism and land and air transport of persons, including domestic shipping, at the levels mentioned above, taking into account the various age segments seeking services in various fields.

Our slogan in the company is …

Performing Projects Delivering solutions
                     Achieving satisfaction.

Thinking how to solve problems and carry out a project, organize, combine all that entails evaluating costs, decisions, having clear who work in the disciplines involved, for a successful development of the trip, event, etc. We have succeeded in reconciling work plan; frees the client from all aspects of the organization delivering a quality service at a fair market value.

As a customer must have well-defined idea and get as much information about it, including the variables to consider, send the idea or concern, in writing, for processing, and conduct a technical feasibility study, issuing cost report, involving the aspects that you said, for making our sheet regarding your trip or event.

Having delivered the report and the price of the project , you have a reasonable time , fixed time considering the commercial providers, which provide offers usually lead to lower costs without desmedrar quality in the final product.

We are very strict when delivering runtimes that, for cadence and indeed have a direct impact on the smooth and level the result to be achieved .

Our strength is large groups of people, institutions, companies , schools, universities and the community at large , however , we work with unitary system , always all-inclusive , thus providing excellent service , whom we requested .

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